Nu Site Who Dis?!

Oh! My! Goodness! Hiiiiiiii everyone! Viranlly here!! I am so very excited to introduce the new fruit of my labor: this website, blog, whatever you want to call it! A collection of (mostly) images of people, places, and things that I find amusing. Let me give you a heads up, most of them will be of clothes, decadent food, and pretty people and occasionally buildings. The purpose of this website is not to publish pretentious, wordy, 3000 word essays. I want y’all to be inspired, informed, but mostly entertained as you’re scrolling through the posts. In short, I want you all to think I’m stylish, smart, and funny! (HA!) –  So if you’re looking for relationship advice, inspirational quotes, and green kale smoothie recipe, this is not the place.

Please allow me to start with an outfit inspiration for this Winter: Camels and White! Yes, I might have looked up to Kim Kardashian for this look even though I forgot my Birkin at home. The point is, tonal layering will be one of my favorite ways to dress this winter!

Truth be told, wearing white in the winter is something that I’ve always been afraid of doing; However, when it’s done right (in this case, paired with camel everything else) – It adds a touch of sophistication.

When it comes to layering the pieces, wearing a turtleneck underneath almost everything has been my obsession in the past couple winters. To make this look office appropriate, add a sportcoat and five pocket twill pants (or denim if you may!). Finish the look with a topcoat to y’know… stay warm.

As for the fabric selection, a merino wool turtleneck is probably the easiest, and most affordable thing you can find out there. If you’re planning on splurging however, find something with cashmere blend, better yet, get the 100% Cashmere one! (It’s worth it!). For both the sportcoat and topcoat, while 100% wool is good enough. Something with silk, cashmere, and actual camel hair will give you that softness and coziness you will need in the winter. You will thank me later for this, but find a cotton twill pants that have a little bit of the elastic material!

Get the look!

Camel Top Coat – Club Monaco

Wool-Silk Blazer – similar here

Wool Turtleneck – H&M

White twill chinos – Ralph Lauren via. MR. PORTER

Glasses – Bailey Nelson

I am very excited to share MORE of my adventure!

But for now, follow along my instagram to see what I’ve been up to!

Photocred. Edward Lai Photography