Earn Your Stripe with INDOCHINO

Why Indochino?

By now you probably know that I have an admiration for tailored clothing. This brings me to my next point: I’m very particular about what I want in a suit. I like my lapel wide and my waist up high! However, just like everything else I like in life, they’re not the easiest things to find *sigh*. Luckily enough, I’m currently working with Indochino, aka, the world’s largest made to measure company! Convenient, right?!


Thanks to Indochino, picky, needy guys like me can get all the options he needs to create that perfect suit. Yes, that includes the basics like lapel, buttons, vents, to the linings, pockets, and collar! Oh and obvs. monograming!


#INDOCHINOwinter16: The collection

To be frank, this winter is definitely one of the most exciting seasons they’ve had so far #NoBias 😉 The collection shows an array of rich colors: Indigo, Burgundy, Teal in addition to the blues and grays. The selection of fabrics is also extraordinary, from luxurious flannels, wool-silk, there are even 100% cashmere jackets in the mix!



My picks

Picking favorites from this collection ain’t easy. However, since the first time I saw this wide pinstripe suit, I just knew! It’s one of those moments!

This Navy Banker Chalk Stripe currently available exclusively in Indochino's retail locations only

Since this season is about bringing back that 70s, I figured, why not? I’ve always wanted a pinstripe suit anyways. Might as well make a statement and make it a wide peak double breasted power suit!

To complete the look, I put on a navy cashmere rollneck underneath! yes, I’m not over my rollneck phase! Pairing the knitwear with the suit really helps shifting the look from powerful to sophisticated. It may be a banker stripe suit, but this look is definitely something you can wear chic parties! Trust me 😉


As if having all the options are not good enough, Indochino is currently having their biggest Black Friday Event, which means, MORE suits for everyone!! Check out the deals their offers HERE!

Photocred. John Bello Photographer