Eco Fashion Week Goes to Seattle

About the Show

After ten successful seasons celebrating sustainable fashion in Vancouver, Eco Fashion Week made their international debut last week in Seattle. This four day long festivity was a mix of runway shows, designer showcase, and discussion panel with industry veterans and leaders.Viranlly Seattle Eco Fashion Week

I was very lucky that I got to be there with the Eco Fashion Week team to see some of the works of these designers and to check out some local shops and businesses!

The Trip

I left Vancouver way too early Thursday morning. And when I said early, I meant no-coffeeshop-was-even-open early, so guess who showed up half asleep to Seattle!? Yah, this guy! My un-caffeinated self made it to Downtown Seattle just in time for check-in at the most stunning Fairmont Olympic followed by a #dailycortado at Caffe Vita. Trust me, at this point, a cup of coffee was beyond necessary.

I managed to inhale my coffee, and a french toast donut before we got to take a tour of the roaster. While tasting the coffee and getting to know the brand were the main purpose of this visit, I had to admit, the highlight of this visit (at least for me) was the fact that they’re full-on blasting Ariana Grande’s entire Dangerous Woman album as they’re roasting the beans! HA!

Our next stop was thrift shopping at one of Eco Fashion Week’s long time partner, Value Village! Some people *cough* Elise *cough* even scored a pair of Vintage Chanel shoes – Yah, I’m still very jealous! HA!

Our afternoon continued with a healthy lunch at Wanderfish Poké, a newly opened Poké restaurant in Capitol Hill. We had the options to either try their signature creations, or to build our own poké bowl – I naturally went with the latter.

Tuna, scallops, avocado, truffle aioli? Yes Please!

Tuna, scallops, avocado, truffle aioli? Yes Please!

The looks

For this trip, I wanted to show the versatility of my new fall uniform – a Tan Corduroy Suit from Indochino. First of all, the cotton stretch fabric makes the suit so comfortable you can wear them all day long. Second of all, the thickness of the fabric makes it warm enough for Seattle’s weather around this time of the year so you can totally ditch the outerwear.

For the first look, I decided to give the suit an updated preppy style with an Indochino button down oxford, Reigning Champ graphic sweatshirt, and a pair of white Common Project sneakers. Consider this as your “day” look since this is the outfit I was wearing all day, running around Seattle. Oh, and the Loewe puzzle bag is there too!

The second look had more of a dandy twist to it, with a vintage Gingham shirt and tie (from the shopping earlier) and my new Alden’s suede brogue I picked up at Brick and Mortar literally 15 minutes before I took this photo! (Yes I have a problem, somebody send help!)

Eco Fashion Week 11 – Day 2

A nap, hop, and a cab ride later, we arrived at the Canvas Event Space for the second day of the show.

Elise from A Piece of Elise

Elise from A Piece of Elise

The night started with cocktail reception and designer showcase. It then followed by a runway show featuring three designers: Canting Hijau (He’s Indonesian actually! yay #indopride!), Nicole Bridger from Canada and Kimmi Design, a Washington native.

Kimmi Design

Kimmi Design

The next part of the evening was the Runway Reimagined: Project 8.1! A Runway show that’s iconic to Eco Fashion Week. In partnership with Value Village, 5 designers, 4 stylists, and one artist collaborated to reinvent 81lb of unused garments and turned them into wearable, runway-ready pieces.

Viranlly Seattle Eco Fashion Week
Label Deficiency by Jerome Insorio

Viranlly Seattle Eco Fashion WeekFact: On Average, a single person in America wastes about 81 pound of clothes each year!

Collective Conversation

For the last day of Eco Fashion Week, we were lucky enough to be able to take part in the Collective Conversation, a series of discussions around sustainable fashion: Innovations, Awareness, and Reinventions.

For a complete list of designers, stylists, speakers and participants, please visit Eco Fashion Week website here!

I cannot thank the Eco Fashion Week team enough for letting me be a part of their eleventh season in Seattle! I’m very excited to see what’s coming next and very proud of how far sustainable fashion has come because of you guys!

Till next time!