2017 : Let’s Get Real

Hello 2017!

What. Is. Up. Everyone! Yes, I’m still here, well and alive. I’ve made it through the first month of 2017  *whoop whoop*

It’s been way too long since the last time I even made a sound here, but here we go, I am gonna start 2017 with a rant, a big fat rant. Yes, deal with it. One shallow individual once said that 2016 was about realizing things. As much as I hate myself for quoting this person, she kind-of had a point.

So here’s what I realize, so far:

It’s so fuckin’ exhausting to stay positive

VIRANLLY menswear fashion vancouver blogger Suede Ralph Lauren
Dirty, tired, and paunchy was the right way to describe me RN

I don’t know bout you but the past couple months were challenging for me. Between the new job, the fact that (pretty much) all my friends are now coupled up, and waiting for my permanent residency paperwork to come through (#WelcomeToCanada?), I’ve had my days of not wanting to leave bed and just lie down for 12 straight hours. It sucks, and honestly, it took me a while to realize that ain’t no body got time for a pity-party.

What’s for 2017?

I’ve decided to turn that pity-party to a party-party. Believe it or not, the parties happen everyday (sometimes twice a day) on a stationary bike at RIDE cycle club. I figured, I need a new hobby anyway, might as well make it fun – and trust me, moving side-to-side to Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj helps, big time. Those classes put me in such a better mood, and plus, I can justify treating myself to MORE buttery baked goods or hendrick’s martinis after!

VIRANLLY menswear fashion vancouver blogger Camel Suit
Using a tripod is no rocket science

What’s for 2017?

I’ve made excuses after excuses trying to convince myself that other people have more, that’s why they’re more successful : a photographer that constantly follows them around, more clothes gifted by designers, more time and exotic locations to create contents, the list goes on and on. Then it hit me: If only I spent all those time and energy making the move and not the excuses, I would’ve got a little further in life. So I made the change and told myself just fuckin’ do it: No photographer around? Use a tripod! More clothes: Are you kidding V, you have enough clothes to dress a 10-minute long fashion show. No time: Instead of napping on weekends, get the fuck out there and take photos. Yes, I will have to be this hard on myself to make things work – cause who else is gonna make the damn progress but me? good lawd, Beyonce would be so proud of me RN.

And just to make this year more thrilling, I’ve decided to put the “insta” back on Instagram. So I will try my very best to make every single damn day that exciting I can share it right there and then.

It doesn’t take much

As I mention earlier, I have spent a good chunk of 2016 feeling bad about myself. Yes this will make me sound like the shallowest person on the world-wide-web but, that happened because I kept looking at all these other people who got the chance to work on so many cool projects, create a lot of content, and post a lot of different things. One question I constantly had in my head: Why. Not. Me!? (Right, Mindy?!) Well obvs, more questions arose from there: Is it because they’re that much better? taller? prettier? more stylish? livin’ large in a bigger city? maybe, but not reaaaaally. A little bit of research here and there, I realize that if i put just a little bit more commitment to this, I can be, and will be just like all those people, if not more. It’s very important for everyone to recognize the fact that you’ve got what it takes, you just need to invest your time and energy to it. A lot, OH and I mean A LOT of people out there got away with all these nonsense they’re posting online (no shade but it’s true) – and we’re obvs. better than that.

VIRANLLY menswear fashion vancouver blogger Camel Suit

Your fake dietary restriction is worse than your fake Chanel

It’s no secret that in 2016 so many people just got more and MORE sensitive to anything – physically, and mentally. Especially when it comes to their food and drink. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that some intolerances are lethal, and trust me, the last thing I want to see is people having any reaction because somebody accidentally put peanuts on their meal. However, some people decided to live a certain way because they read that it’s the biggest lifestyle trend according to this website, celebrity, or that local paper. Give me a fucking break, really. And in 2017, please bore someone else with your made up dietary restrictions – I do not need this kind of negativity.

VIRANLLY menswear fashion vancouver blogger food cortado Avocado Toast

Livin 2017 to the damn fullest

In this context, I mean, drinking whole milk cortados, eating baked brie with prosciutto on buttery toast, oh and bone marrow too. All this kind of stuff you could’ve done too, but you decided not to because it’s not fashion(?). Oh well, more for me!

VIRANLLY menswear fashion vancouver blogger suit INDOCHINO
SUP 2017 - Can't you tell I'm excited 😉

Alrighty, that’s enough ranting for the night. Here’s to 2017, the year filled with adventures, chic ootds, and gluttonous meal! I might never be that kid who runs around town throwing up rainbow and glitters anywhere but I will make it my priority to y’know.. be nice(r) Ciao!