Who? Me?

Just your typical twenty-something guy in the search of the two Ls – Labels, and Love, jk, jk, jk! Viranlly is a Vancouver based, menswear enthusiast who also happens to be a caffeine, cocktails, and carbs connoisseur.

A chemical engineer graduate turned merchant, turned menswear maven and now, a men’s lifestyle influencer with years of expertise in (tailored) menswear, photography, and illustration. Viranlly’s personal style and aesthetic, combined with his continuos pursuit of fashion, travel, and the beautiful things in life have made him one of the leading man in the business.

His portfolio of brands includes Vogue Magazine, Versace, Samsung, Adidas, and Indochino (to name a few). Creative content, style and fashion directions, and social media strategies are some of the things that he does best.

Have a little snippet of his life here!