We ventured to Richmond B.C for a dinner that was not, in fact, thinly sliced peking duck or silky smooth king crab cooked four ways. In the midst of the rapidly developed Richmond Oval, Origo Club opened its door not too long ago. The restaurant offers B-A-F (Bougie As F*ck) coffee and afternoon tea service during the day, and haute French cuisine with even BAF-ier wine list at night: think of fancy Burgundies, tiers of Champagne Barons de Rothschild, and more.

Swanky room decorated in marble and bottles of wine and champagne (if you got it, flaunt it, right?) is the theme of the restaurant. There’s also the state-of-the-art coffee station that makes fancy cups of pour-over and an art gallery just outside of the dining room.

The menu showcases a new approach to French cuisines that incorporate mostly local ingredients with a few exceptions like the Hokkaido scallops.

Our meal started off quite flat with an ample boeuf tartare, oysters platter that was lacking of excitement despite of the description from our server, and escargots that could use a touch more of decadence. The foie gras, however, was nicely done, especially with the brioche.

It then quickly took off as soon as the main course arrived. Buttery sablefish that’s full of umami was a hit. The duck and lamb were also meticulously done. The specialty beef that’s raised specifically for the melt-in-your-mouth strip-loin was also phenomenal.

The mushroom pappardelle with mountain of truffle might be the only vegetarian dish we ordered that night but it was the definition of indulgence-in-a-bowl. It’s a must-have for your next visit.

They’re in the midst of redeveloping their dessert menu at the time so we didn’t get a chance to experience the most current offerings. From what we had, it was nothing memorable – but I heard the new pastry chef had already planned some exciting things.

Origo Club

6888 River Rd #110, Richmond, BC.