Commercial Drive Caffe La Tana now offers weekend brunch.

Pastry selection at La Tana in Vancouver

The beloved neighbourhood spot added another thing to the list of their resume: a brunch destination. Caffe La Tana, baby sister of Peppino’s Spaghetti House is now serving brunch all week long.

La Tana in Commercial Drive Vancouver now offers Italian-inspired brunch menu
Kale caesar salad, endive salad, and burrata and anchovy as part of La Tana's brunch selection

Brunch menu includes fresh salads, burratas (get the one with anchovies – obvs) and home-made pastas. The iconic kale salad (the one that’s also available at big sister Savio Volpe) is a not-so-basic take on the basic caesar salad. The endive salad is bright and crunchy, just in time for spring. The burrata, well… can’t go wrong with burrata and anchovies – ever.

Endive Salad, a closer look
La Tana also offers selections of fresh pasta, made in-house
Fresh pasta for brunch

The pasta offering rotates every so often to ensure freshness and to bring excitement to the menu. Most of the pasta dishes are done in the most simple way – think brown butter and sage kind of simple yet it always hits the spot.

La Tana brunch spread

Fresh pasta is made not just in-house but in front of you. They also started doing fabulous house-made olive oil and vinegar program, which, I’m kind of obsessed with, tbh.

La Tana in Commercial Drive Vancouver now offers Italian-inspired brunch menu
Bon Apettito! La Tana brunch

La Tana is also a mini Italian grocery store that carries some fun produces: cheeses, cured meat (delicious guancale, btw), and more!

Oh, did I mention that they also turn into a wine bar on weekends?

Caffe La Tana

635 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, B.C