Cold Weather Essential

Never in my entire life I thought I’d want a big, chunky, shearling jacket. Until this winter, when the weather in Vancouver got a tad lot colder, and literally every cool kid on the street of Fashion Week wore one – but really, it’s because of the weather 😉 Especially today, a shearling jacket is more a necessity than simply something that I want. You will see why.

Yes, SURPRIIIIIIISE!! It snowed ugh-gain

It’s gross, I know but just like the beginning of every snowy day, It’s pretty. And since this jacket just came in the mail last week, today was the PERFECT day to test it out.

Viranlly menswear vancouver shearling blog winterViranlly menswear vancouver shearling blog winter

Shearling Jacket 101: Layer Up

Despite how it looks like, this jacket is not thick and fluffy enough. It was my bad that I had such a high expectation on a seventy nine dollar poly-blend jacket (lol). Yes, it’d been nice if this jacket was lined with an extra 3 lb of wool but clearly I am reaching for the stars here. For practical reason, I put on my quilted vest (yes, the same one you see hereand picked out a black rollneck as a base.

Viranlly menswear vancouver shearling blog winter

“Damn right I look adorable like a snow angel” – me to me.

Practical, really?

Yes – it actually is this time, from the waist up that is. Well okay, the stretchy jogger down below is somewhat practical and they’re comfortable (to hide the twins I’m currently carrying) but most importantly, LOOK how cute:

Viranlly menswear vancouver shearling blog winterThe shoes, however, were one of the biggest mistakes I made today. Yes, these platform brogues give me that extra inch I always need, and damn right I hiked a mountain on these. The point is: We went through a lot together, but not today. NOT TODAY. The fact that I made it from my apartment to the office and back without falling flat on my ass (somehow) was impressive, at least to me.

Aaaaanyways, it is still snowing outside and it just so happened that tonight John, Ty and I are throwing Beyonce a baby shower so that’s it for today. Till next time y’all!