Preppy boys, where are they now?

Since more and more people are drawn to the aesthetic of streetwear, it’s almost impossible to find preppy dressers on the street these days. Seriously, I’ve seen too many guys running around the street in their oversized bomber jackets, drop-crotched sweatpants, and questionable sneakers. Where are the oxford shirts? Chinos? Penny Loafers? Do people still wear tweed suits anymore? Because they really should.


Tweed suit, a bowtie, and old school sweatshirt? So. Much. Yes

Okay that’s enough complaining for the day. My point is, It’s time to bring this old-school way of dressing (and behaving, really) back, and make it cool again!


I’ve always been a preppy at heart kind of guy so I get it if this post is written with a little bit of a bias. My obsession with Ivy league schools doesn’t really help either. Oh to be a Harvard student… Well, it’s a little too late for that and I’m a little too old for school, but I can pretend to dress like one. Right?

viranlly-prep-menswear-streetscoutme-suit11The Look

I’ve decided to put together a look that’s preppy AF without looking too outdated. The suit? Gray Donegal Tweed. The layers? Vintage crewneck sweatshirt and on oxford button down. I’m also adding a bowtie (obvs) and a wool bandana pocket square to complete the outfit.


And of course, the shoes: this stunning Alden suede long-wing brogue.


There are so many different ways to add that preppy-ness to your outfits this fall: Exploded Plaids, argyles, crewneck sweaters, and polo shirts to name a few. You can also look up the classic American clothiers like Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, and J.Crew for inspiration!


Get the Look:

Tweed Suit : Similar here

White Oxford Shirt: INDOCHINO

Sweatshirt: Similar here

Bow Tie: Similar here

Pocket Square: INDOCHINO

Shoes: Alden via. Brick and Mortar Seattle.